D’oh! That’s the Wrong Lot Label!

Happy Monday from Dallas Love Field. The post yesterday was no joke, and we’ve got some great tips and articles already queued up for this month.

As I was writing up some things this week for the Ottawa Cad Camp (yes, that’s me, Jim Wedding. Has anyone ever seen me call myself Jim in writing or in person? Why is James so hard?) I came across yet one more little nice addition to C3D 2008. Check it out after the jump.

Ever completed a huge layout and realized you used the wrong label style on all those parcels? Maybe change the accuracy or font? And you didn’t want to change the style, cause you’re using it in other places? Then realized you had to erase them all to replace them with something else? It wasn’t the end of the world, but it sure was a whip to perform this tedious task. Nothing I hate more than taking two passes to do what could be one shot.

Cannon to the rescue. If you look at the full Add Labels dialog, there’s a new option under the Parcel feature. Replace Multiple Segment! It simply erases the existing label and puts a new one on the segment. This is greatness, and one of the little things that should make your life a little easier.

Stick around, 30 posts in 30 days keeps on bringing the hits!


  1. another thing you can do in 2008 which is pretty nifty, is many types of labels you can use the select similar command and use autocad properties to batch change the labels.

  2. jpwedding says:

    I guess if any one wanted to call you “Jim”, they should have named you “Jim”…

    Yes, that’s my Dad. – JW