3-Line Profiles for Civil 3D

Are you required to submit construction documents showing 3-line profile views? Do you want to take advantage of the dynamic modeling capabilities of Civil 3D to update your profiles and labeling? If so, this simple add-on is for you! Read on to find out more.

Using core Civil 3D features like profiles, styles and corridors, Engineered Efficiency, Inc.’s 3-line Profiles for Civil 3D makes creating, modifying, and updating 3-line profiles much easier, saving you hours of time and eliminating potential errors. With 3-Line Profiles for Civil 3D, you can make changes to your centerline profile and have the left and right profiles automatically update. Generate 3 views with proper elevation and station….no more “faking it”. Visit www.eng-eff.com/eetools/3line.html for more info.

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