Who Killed my Tooltips? Four Usual Suspects…

You were here so helpful and handy… Keeping my mind on the game for my points, surfaces, alignments, and profiles…

and then….



You disappeared and left me all alone to find my way…

I thought I knew how to get you back… but when I shared my drawing with another user he told me I was crazy because you worked just fine for him… I was beginning to wonder if it was just me?

Jason sent me a drawing from his training today that had both of us scratching our heads… and I know this has come up on the


SUSPECT #1: The Object Properties

Pick your object and right click.  Make sure the “Show Tooltips” box is checked.

You can make sure that box is checked by default in your drawing settings>ambient settings>show tooltips.  This one is drawing specific, and object specific.  So if this box is unchecked, other uses would notice your tooltips broken.

The next three are machine specific (or profile specific)


Options>Display>ShowTooltips sometimes is the killer. Make sure checked.


Options>User Preferences>Hyperlink was Mr. Kobayashi in Jason’s case today.


Options>Drafting>Display Autosnap tooltip.

The last two are especially not intuative because they control things like AutoCAD hyperlinks and your osnap markers.  But for some reason, they kill your Civil 3D tooltips.  There may be others out there…..


  1. Jason Foster says:

    Excellent sleuthing. The hyperlink checkbox did it for me. Interestingly, prior to checking this, I could still see the tooltips, but only in the middle of a command.

    By the way, it is under Options, User Preferences (not Display),  Hyperlink.


  2. Angel Espinoza says:

    This post could not have been more timely for me, because I was attempting to help a client with this very issue. For this particular group the problem was #4. Thanks All!

    By the way, 200,000 page views. Awesome!