Simple Sampling Sends Scribbler Soaring

Anyone know how hard it is to find a synonym for the word “author” that begins with “S?” The above title may allude to that fact…

Anyway, now that I’m done with the literary shenanigans for today, I’m going to tell you more about enhanced section functionality in Civil 3D 2008. It’s simple and easy to do – I’m going to add newly created data to an existing section view.

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If we take a look at our existing section views, I can see that there are three things sampled here – my EG, FG, and corridor.

But what happens if I go in and add a pipe network? In Civil 3D 2007, I could go back and resample, but it was quite frequently much easier to just recreate another sample line group. No, really, it was. But in Civil 3D 2008, it’s just as easy as saying “OK, put this in the view too” and it’s just THERE.

To put my brand new pipe network in this existing view, I’m going to go over to Prospector and find the Sample Line Group (SLG) for this alignment. Honestly, the first time I did this, I had to search for it since alignments don’t go on a site by default now. Ah, there it is, so let’s right click on the SLG and select Properties.

That will bring up the following dialog box:

If I clisk on the Sample More Sources… button, I can see what’s currently sampled in the group and what I can add, as shown below:

If I look on the right, I see what’s currently sampled. On the left side is things that can be sampled but aren’t – I can see that my Sanitary network isn’t currently sampled, so I’ll just click the ADD button to carry that entry over to the right. Conversely, I can click on anything in the right window and click REMOVE to take it out of our section views.

Now, we click OK to take us back out to the SLG properties dialog box, and OK again to apply that change that we just made, and take another look at our section view from up there…

See, I told you it was easy.

Have fun!

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  1. governa says:

    How about “Sampling Shenanigans Sends Scribe Soaring” Since you mentioned Shenanigans yourself.