Dynamic Pipe Network Tables in Civil 3D 2008

Yes, I am still alive.  I have spend the past month buried in work.  I’ve been so fried and focused during the day that Friday, two weeks ago, I was looking for something to read on my bookshelves that had absolutely nothing to do with computers.  I have a pretty vast children’s library that I am building up for my daughter, and I saw the Harry Potter series on the shelf.  I hadn’t read it yet because I figured I would wind up reading it outloud to kids someday.  But as I sat on the couch scanning the shelves, Harry seemed to be the perfect escape.  So, over the past 12 days, as soon as I could turn my brain off from Civil 3D at the end of the day, I have read all six Harry Potters.  So I’ve dried my tears and I guess I have to blog for relaxation until July.


Press more to learn about Pipe Network Tables.

We’ve been asking for this for a long time!  No more awkward hacks to get pipe network tables!

You can make structure tables that harvest out anything about structures….

And you can make pipe tables that can be customized to show you what you need…

These can be adapted and customized by table style, just like any other table type in Civil 3D now.  Think about all the places you list pipes, their inverts, their names… quantity tables, invert tables and more.

There are some limitations- I can’t seem to get it to take expressions or reference text just yet, but I am sure I can find an easy hack. 

This tool along with the AutoCAD 2008 tool that links Excel to AutoCAD tables is tempting me to do my SWM class at AU again next year… I should be through Book 7 by then…


  1. gimp says:

    Yippie! Welcome back, I have really been looking for your pipes 08 posts to no avail.

    So all the Potter books in 12 days…that would be 250-300 pages a night? That was just the “spare” time? Did anything else get done at home in those 12 days?

    Well back to labeling my pipe network…now which label should I use for Structure 124?

  2. Stephanie says:

    What do you mean “should be”? After 6 books in 12 days I fully expect to see you at the midnight release party and then blogging about the book ending the next afternoon! Welcome to the club. 🙂

    Seriously, good info on the pipes table. Keep us in the loop on what you come up with on the expressions. They have been the bane of all my efforts in the pipe arena. I haven’t had too much time to play with them in 2008, so I enjoy all your insights.

  3. well…. i didnt get too much else done, and i stayed up kinda late most nights. but it was better than a vacation.