Civil 3D 2008 Users Guide and Help

Of all of the new features in Civil3D 2008 that I have been working with, I have a favorite.

I have been infinitely impressed with Help and the Users Guide for Civil 3D 2008.  I can’t say enough about how much it has been enhanced and improved in the past year.

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They have done a line by line teardown of each command, dialog box and setting (at least that I have encountered so far), and they have added some workflow recommendations and practical examples.

You can access the users guide right in help, or you can view it in pdf format.

I personally sometimes have trouble reading long passages on my screen, and I also find it difficult to take my laptop into a bubble bath, so if you are a paper hound like me (Nick had a much ruder way to say that, BTW), you can print out that monster pdf.

But be prepared- at 2100+ pages- this is what it looks like (duplex printed).  Printing it duplex, black and white also cost me about $100.  (I originally asked for color, one sided and the quote was $1100).

Grrr…. That’s some tasty knowledge!

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