Setting Lot Corners

When we teach Essentials classes, we show a myriad of methods for creating points on a site. I like to use Random points from Surface a lot, others like to use Points from Object. Eventually, we get around to setting points on all the lot corners so that some surveyor can put them on the ground. If you use the Points from objects and pick the parcels, you wind up with a lot of duplicate points, and you’re back to erasing them by hand. Well, you were until now. Read on for more…

Thanks to one of the guys over at The Swamp, there is now a Generate Cogo Points from Parcels in Civil 3D routine. From the description on the routine’s page:

This utility generates Cogo Points on the corners of all parcels in the selected site (or all parcels in the drawing).  One point is generated for each corner.

Points are created starting at the next point number, as configured in the Civil-3D Point Settings.  The Cogo Points receive the description “LOTCORNER” by default.  You can change this value by typing LCDESC at the command line, and entering a new value for the description.  This setting is persistent, and will be remembered even if you shut down Civil-3D.

Now, if you’ve ever done a subdivision stakeout, you know how great this sounds. You can download the add-on and review the help file here. Thanks to our friends at Edward-James Surveying in Colorado Springs for sharing their solution to a common problem.

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