Links and Downloads from Feb 2 Webcast

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to learn about Alternative Uses for Corridor Models.

Sorry this didn’t get up yesterday.

If you missed this webcast, it is now available at:

Civil 3D Friday Webcast: Alternative Uses for Corridor Models

And while you are there, there are a ton of previously recorded and upcoming webcasts regarding generic links, custom subassemblies and corridors that you need to check out!

Autodesk Webcast Portal

Press more to get the sample drawings and links.



The river drawing can be found here:

Corridors for Streams with Sample Drawing

Some screen captures of the linkless corridor:

The Linkless Corridor

My Autodesk University Paper that features that river can be found here:

CV33-2 Stream Corridors in Civil 3D (you’ll have to quickly register to get the paper, it’s free)

For those of you that saw the webcast- I have made a few changes the pond drawing. 

1) I fixed my problem where I had originally made the pond out of basic lanes (ha!) though the model would still work out fine that way

2) My spillway was actually a side effect of not making separate profile views of the LWL and HWL targets.  I had been targeting LWL and HWL that I had draw on the centerline profile, and they wouldn’t be quite as long and the actual LWL and HWL alignments (see Corridor Skill Review Link #1 below) so I fixed that so the drawing was “pure”. You could also just make them longer on the CL profile view. I could now adjust HWL and NWL profiles at the spillway location to get one, or if the accidental way gave you your desired result- that’s OK too!


The post that started it all- with some screen captures and simple renderings:

Corridors for Everything


Transitions and Site Geometry

How to Corrupt a Civil 3D Drawing in One Easy Step

Site Geometry Nuts and Bolts


From Dominick Gallegos’s “Crazy World of Civil 3D”- about making sure your profile is exactly as long as your aligment: Corridor Contour Problems

Intersection information and sample drawings (the concepts of transitions and targets and using different baselines):

Intersection Sample Drawing

Another Intersection Sample Drawing

Any of the AU classes require you to register quickly to get the papers and/or screencasts.  It’s free and just takes a second.

CV41-2 Essentials of Road Design with Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2007 Part 1

CV41-2 Essentials of Road Design with Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2007 Part 2

CV22-1L Mastering Corridor Transitions and Superelevation with Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2007

CV22-4 Introduction to the Corridor Model and its Elements

CV23-4 Autodesk® Civil 3D® Corridors: Cul-de-Sacs Are Not a Dead End


Ok, so maybe you can’t use corridors for everything.  In that case, try grading and feature lines.

CV23-1L No Building Pads Allowed: Real World Grading

CV25-3 Autodesk® Civil 3D® Grading Made Easy

CV33-4 Civil 3D® Grading: It’s Not a Slippery Slope


See my intersection sampe drawing for some examples of reference text labels.

Another Intersection Sample Drawing

CV12-3 Controlling Civil 3D® Labels


  1. spalazzola says:

    Hi Dana,
    I was wondering if I could still get those sample drawings that you posted back in February for Channels, Rivers and Ponds? I would greatly appreciate it and would like to work on them! Trying to get a better feel for using Corridors for more than just Roads!!
    I was driving home last night from camping and all I could think about was how we could use them to design air strips & channels and my mind kept wandering on the road… was a strange thing! I was envisioning sub-assemblies! (lol)
    I would appreciate anything that you could throw my way!
    Thank you, Susan

  2. Kevin Spear says:

    Hey guys, did you kill the link to the sample files from the webcast by accident or on purpose? Then only reason i ask was the copies i had disappeared when my HD crashed last week. 🙁 Just curious…