Guess We’ll Have to Start Writing Now…

So, if you jump over to Amazon, you’ll see quite the collection of helpful books on Mastering Autodesk 2007 products. There’s one on AutoCAD, one on Viz, one on ADT. Hmm. Something is missing here. Oh yeah, this one! I wasn’t even aware that this had been pushed to Amazon, but my friend Chuck Lamping at JBI pointed it out to me this week.

We’re now hot and heavy in the process of penning Mastering Autodesk Civil 3D X and will have more information in the future. For now, go sign up on the keep me informed link on Amazon and you can be among the first to own our title. This will be one of the first titles available for the X release. Silly that they can’t use the next number, but you know how Autodesk is with NDA.

Yes, we’ll be giving away copies in the future as part of that groovy swag survey we’re still running!

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