Feature Lines to Profile (or slowing down Quick Profiles)

So, I was grading a site and using a feature line to define the rear property lines along a row of lots. I then wanted to convert this feature to a Profile. Right-clicking on the feature line, I noted the option to create a Quick Profiles. Then inspiration struck.

Using the Quick Profiles, you can create profiles of not only any surface located beneath the feature line, but you can also create a profile of the feature line itself. This was a great start. However, profiles created using the Quick Profiles are not persistent: when the drawing is saved, they go away. Also, they are not listed in the Prospector.

Luckily, there is a way to make them stick around: LandXML. After you create the Quick Profile, go to File| Export| Export to LandXML… The profile won’t show up in the list that pops up, but don’t fret. Choose the button that lets you pick objects from the drawing and then select the profile(s) you want to keep.

Finish the command and then simply Import LandXML and voila! You have a profile from a feature line and a method for making Quick Profiles stick around a while.



  1. you are so smart. maybe you can trade this along with some change for the candy machine and get a few more lines of VBA for that other hack you are working on…

  2. Felipe Morales says:

    Now you just need to figure out how to create an alignment from a feature line.