The Survey Gods Are Smiling

I know you’ve likely seen this somewhere else (over on some Community Site…) but it definitely bears repeating:

HP48GX users with TDS software can now import directly into Civil 3D!!! 

Click more to find out how….

I had been talking with Dave Carlson (of Carlson Software fame) regarding this need.   He agreed that it would be a nice feature, and said that he’d get to it as soon as he had a chance.    On the Friday before Christmas, he emailed me and told me that he’d completed it (by adding it to Carlson Connect) and gave me the link to download it.   Unfortunately, Da Govna beat me to the posting, stealing a bit of my thunder, but news like that deserves to be posted everywhere.

So, to all of the surveyors still out there using a HP48 (don’t feel alone, mine is back at the office sitting next to my phone right now…), you now have a comprehensive, free solution (surveyors LOVE that word….free, not solution) to download your points.    Here’s the interface, in case you haven’t seen it yet:


Thank you, Dave, for adding this to the program.   I realize this is a freebie that you guys provide, and you’re not reaping any tangible benefits for this one.   However, you’ve made quite a few crusty old curmudgeons smile today, and that’s quite a feat.    (ok, not all surveyors are crusty old curmudgeons.   However, as they age, chances are they will be sooner or later 😉 )

Happy Data Collecting!

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  1. Steve Boon says:

    I haven’t used an HP for quite a while now; we are using Recons here but I found that if I rename my raw data files from .RAW to .RW5 they process just fine.
    As a bonus I get to show this routine to my local Trimble/TDS dealer.