The Art of the Span: Removing Natural Vertices using an Express Tool

One of the things that became clear during the Spanning Label posts I wrote a few weeks ago was that you needed to weed out any unnecessary natural vertices in your linework before turning them into parcels.

Sure, you can use Map Cleanup to help with this, but I rediscovered a nifty Express Tool called “Overkill” that fixes vertex problems in a snap.

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I am knee deep in documentation work today, so this will be short- but I think you will find this to be a useful tool for increasing the success of your spanning labels and improving the integrity of your parcel geometry.

I have a polyline that I would like to become a parcel segment…

Express>Modify>Delete Duplicates


Gets rid of my extra vertices!

For more information on creating predictable spanning length labels for parcels:

Parcel Segment Span Labels 1

Parcel Segment Span Labels 2

Understanding Parcel Label Composition

Editing Segments can Break Your Span


  1. Murph says:

    Hey……… Don’t be telling people thay can be using express tools over the map tools. 🙂 Granted 98.9% of the readers already have MAP with C3D but we still need to target those 1.1% into buying Map 3D or Civil 3D. (Sounds like a sale person don’t I?)

  2. if i all have to do is remove vertices, i find this tool to be super fast- the map cleanup wizard at its most streamlined is like 5 clicks to the 2 or 3 for this express tool 🙂

    you DO sound like a sales person 😛