On Writing (Well, and On Printing, Too)

Just a quick note, I know Jason’s got a cracker post coming up, so I won’t go too far into this. We opened the survey late last night and have gotten some great feedback, thank you. I’ve read every comment personally and appreciate them all, the good and the bad.

To answer some of those questions/comments:

  1. We’re not going to start charging admission tomorrow. We might not next month, we might not ever. It’s a floater of an idea. There is a lot of effort (and late nights, this isn’t billable work,) that goes into keeping this thing running. We appreciate your visits, but just like in your business, the bills still come due.
  2. If you look right down about an inch or so and to the right here, there’s a little printer icon. It makes very nice, easy printing copies of the entries here. They include a header with our site on it, and all the links within a post are typed out for easy following. Use it, love it, go crazy, make yourself a big book of C3D.com posts. But please, don’t copy it off and give it to all your buddies. Send ’em back here. It’s a blog, but it is still copyrighted material, and we work our asses off producing it. We obviously believe in sharing the knowledge, but,”How about a little something, you know, for the effort?”

Thanks for visiting. Now go read a real post and learn something.


  1. Your welcome for visiting. 😉
    No offense but how do you copyright a blog?
    I know this isn’t really a blog, but a destination site and we consider our corporate web site copyright protected but it kinda doesn’t make sense.
    Maybe next week we can kick this one around.

  2. By slapping this on the bottom of every page:
    “© Copyright 2007 EE, Inc. & Respective Authors. All rights reserved.”