No, You Aren’t Crazy: Band Label Color ByLayer

You’ve been slogging through your template creation and doing pretty well.  Then you get to Profile Bands. 

And you wind up with this (white text in your band):

When what you wanted was this (color by layer text in your band):


In my band style dialog, it doesn’t let me change the major station colors to bylayer….

And the label composer dialog says by layer?


For whatever reason, glitch or oversight, this doesn’t work.  If you want a certain color in your band label text, you need to override the color in the Label Style Composer box.

So you aren’t crazy.  And you aren’t alone.  It comes up at every single implementation and template creation. 

I ran into it again this afternoon and I couldn’t remember if we, or anyone else, has blogged it yet.  So I am blogging it now. Bloggeriffic, I thought.  Something besides span labels to discuss.

I had run into it a few times this spring and just thought I was missing something.  Then it happened again this summer, and I ran it by Nick.  And because 9 times out of 10 Nick just has to knock me over the head with his bag of hammers and I see my mistake, when he says it is a real issue, I know that it is.


  1. mpowelljr says:

    Thank you Dana… this was giving me quite the headache trying to set up our band styles.

  2. Chris Hopper says:

    This is really an unrelated topic, but Dana seems to know her stuff on labels, so i figure she’s a good one to ask:
    I’ve seen somewhere (hopefully not in a dream) a reference to being able to perform arithmetic operations in labels (i.e., reference a surface elevation + a fixed distance, or reference a sump depth less a fixed elevation drop). I have not been able to find any references to this in the Civil 3D help menus, and can’t remember where i saw it.
    Is this wishful thinking? Any insight or direction would be helpful… thanks