Make a Tool Palette button for Drawing Pipes in Profile

In Civil 3D 2006, when you did Pipes>Draw Parts in Profile View, the default was “Selected Parts Only”.  In Civil 3D 2007, the default is “Entire Network”.  What this means, is that unless I remember to type “S” for “Selected Parts Only”, I wind up with profile pipe spaghetti with every single pipe in my network trying to show itself on the selected Profile View.  Fixing this problem means that I sometimes wind up with Disappearing Pipes.

To make life easier on myself, I created a very fast tool palette button that remembers to press “S” for me.

Click more to find out how (it’s super easy)

I could use the method I talked about the other day in the Parcel Label Flip post, where I went in and created a new tool (check out that post here for more details) but I am going to “cheat” and just copy one of my buttons that is already on the tool palette and just change the command that it executes.


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