A Quicker Label Flip

You can tell I have labels on the brain today, huh?  I’m trying to get a site plan out the door today so that I am free for whatever hard labor James is ready to strap to this strong back over the next few weeks.

So you finally get that span under control, and you are going around and filling the blanks on your other parcel dimensions.  But dang it, they come in on the wrong side sometimes.

You could- erase them and redo with a differently composed label (booooo), you could right click and flip each one…. (tedious)

Click more to find out what I would do instead….

Or, you can make a note of the command that executes when you run that label flip tool….

And make yourself a toolpalette button that will batch flip labels..

Keep in mind… DANA = CUSTOMIZATON MORON.  If I can do this, you can do this.  This entire process took me about 2 minutes including making the screen captures.

Bring up your toolpalette (Control+3).  Right click on its blue spine and choose Customize Commands.

Follow the screen captures below:

Now push your button and pick all of your labels that need a-flippin’.

They all flip at once!  Hooray!

I’ve used similar tools for things like “LabelModify” for pipe labels, etc.  Keep your eyes on the command line for more ideas.

For some other DANA = CUSTOMIZATION MORON tricks with toolpalettes see:

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  1. TimStalin says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, you can select multiple labels (from the same entity) and flip/reset/reverse them all at once by way of the right click menu.

  2. true enough. you can preclick all of the labels you’d like to flip, then right click and execute the flip command and they all will flip.

    so you can avoid the button. but i like the button 🙂

  3. Matt Abbas says:

    Thanks for the idea. never thought about multiple selections until now. I am a keyboard junkie, so I just created an alias for the labelflip command.

  4. Ed Rogers says:

    This is very handy. Now is there a way to select multiple parcel segment labels and change their style collectively? This would be a great time saver.