That’s a Wrap

Since the other contributors have added their AU commentary, let me throw mine in and put up a file I promised during my Vault Lab.

EE‘s booth was a huge success, and we managed to give away over 1,600 cans of play-doh. Jason, Dana and I spoke to as many readers as we could during the quick three days. Here’s the tower I built on Wednesday morning, courtesy of Shaan Hurley’s AU photo album. Remember, it’s a flexible modeling solution, and we can turn it into child’s play for you! (I swear I said that in my sleep on Tuesday night.)

And a big thank you to all of the attendees in my Vault Lab classes. We covered a lot of territory in 90 minutes and I was honestly impressed that we made it through as much as we did. I had a lot of fun teacing that one, and hope to do it again next year. Here is the PDF I promised on the check-in/out flowchart.


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  1. Ya know James AU was very cool.
    Thanks again for some of the doors that you have opened.
    Anywhere, anytime, any place, just let me know if there is anything I can do.