Thank you, thank you all.

Jason’s taking some time off, we’ve forcibly removed Dana’s keyboard, and I’m on my way to youtube overload with my three year old’s Christmas activities, so we’re going to give a few days of rest to the team. Not the fabled week of rest, as I’m sure someone will post next week, but don’t look for much. Go check out the Santa track on Google if you’re looking to fill some time!

Before we close down, I want to extend some heartfelt thanks to a number of people. Maybe you’re on the list, read more to find out.

First, thanks to my compadres here at I had a great domain and a few posts, but it was really the addition of Nick, then Jason, then Dana that fired this place up. And now that we’ve got Mark even posting occasionally, the sheer number of voices and opinions make this place great. You can see the pageloads over the past 11 months since I first put something up on

We cleared 100,000 hits last week; with Wiley E. Surveyor, we have well over 300 registered members. I blame this success entirely on my friends here.

Second, you. All 100,000 pageloads of you. I know, that’s not the number of visitors, but it’s a fun number. It also means that is the most popular Civil 3D related site outside the official channel. We appreciate this, and will work to keep your eyeballs coming back for all things Civil 3D. We’ve got some more things planned for you next year, including guest articles submitted by our readers. If you’re interested, mail me with the subject line, “Contributor.”

Third, our friends at Autodesk. We get constant feedback, corrections, links, support and thoughts from our friends in Manchester, San Rafael, and from resellers all over the country. We wouldn’t have the same site without the great relationships with guys like Dan, Dave, Anthony, Adam, Rob, Toby, Shaan, Nate, and all the other great ‘deskers that support larger community efforts like this site.

Sidenote: I found this new blog on the Civil Community while pulling links. Three of the European Autodeskers and their unique take on C3D. Welcome to the party, gents, we look forward to your work!

So thank you. All of you. You make it fun to keep this site going, and drive us to work on posts even after teaching all day and flying across the country. Ben & Jerry’s has a bumper sticker in their stores, “If it’s not fun, why do it?” We do this because we it’s fun and because we love to share our passion. I wish each of you a merry Christmas and wish you happiness and prosperity in the new year.

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  1. O.K. it’s been a week.