So you want to make styles, do you?

All of the fuss about styles creation started by James in his post…

Resolved:Building Your Styles is Crucial to Learning Civil 3D

The major issue is that Basic Civil 3D classes do not teach styles creation.

So for you Lone Wolves out there, or for the folks who only got introduced to the basics and want to learn more…



Styles: An Updated Guide to the Fundamentals

AU Classes:

Controlling Civil 3D Labels

Elements of Style

Labels and Label Styles: Creating and Using them in Civil 3D


2005 AU House of Style handout. This covers Profiles and Profile views in more depth, but some information has changed.

One comment

  1. We fell into the conclusion that styles were the real key to wide acceptance.
    If you can demonstrate to both Management and your install base, that Styles will save you drudgery and Styles will save you money, you can demonstrate the value of the product.
    The number of times you can grip edit a structure and just drag it are few.
    The number of times you have to re-lable everything are many.
    The sweet spot of acceptance is dynamic labeling.
    The sweet spot of cool is elsewhere.
    The sweet spot of implementation is Kevlar underwear.

    If you don’t allow this up at least I hope you got a chuckle.