Minimize your Intersection Edge Swapping

If you have built an intersection and had results like this:

You’ve spent some time editing your TIN by swapping edges.  It isn’t the end of the world, because those edits do stick to the TIN upon corridor rebuild, but it isn’t ideal.

There is a simple way to minimize a great deal of those bad triangles. 

Click MORE to learn how.

When you build the surface from the corridor, check the “Add as Breakline” button.



  1. Jason Stevens says:

    Great Tip Dana!
    Have you noticed if it causes a performance hit after setting this?
    Jason Stevens
    RGS Associates

  2. Dana Breig Probert, EIT says:

    No performance hit at all that i can see.

  3. SBoon says:

    I turn on this option by default for all of my corridor surfaces.

  4. Jason Hickey says:

    As I was teaching the intersection and cul de sac design class this week, I used this and looked like a hero to my class. There are quite a few pages in that book dealing with flipping triangles and adding breaklines….but mine didn’t need editing 😉