Friday Night Fun!

Come on, you know you want to sit at home and play with Civil 3D on Friday night like the nerds here do…now you can!

According to Dave Simeone’s post, US Subscription customers can now request a home auxiliary license to run their network licensed C3D at home. This is very cool, and a great (and nerdy!) new benefit to being a subscriber.


  1. Jason Hickey says:

    Who you calling a nerd???

  2. Harland has already applied.
    Awaiting his serial number.

  3. ..or you can install the network deployment on those external home use computers and point them to your license server, providing you’ve opened the necessary port(s) on your firewall and allowed the license access in the FlexLM Options file.

  4. Yes, you could, but you could always do that. The simple fact is that (a) most IT guys don’t want to pump holes in the firewall just so you can play with tutorials at home, and (b) it means either hauling the home machine in to do the install, or having a fast enough connection (and more holes in the firewall,) to do a network installation over a WAN. Both of those solutions are fairly lame in comparison the ease this new program has offered, hence my original posting.

  5. I really don’t want to drag this into the discussion of the EULA and what you could or couldn’t do, BUT I can’t help myself.
    The previous agreement contained language to the effect the the Home users computer had to be owned and controlled by the license holder.
    How many companies own home computers in the end user household?
    While we were pretty sure that if you could VPN in and aquire a license you were not going to BSA jail, it was still a violation.