AU Class: Stream Design in Civil 3D Links Mentioned in Class

Here is a list of articles that expand on what I mentioned in class.  More to come…

Building Optimized Surfaces from Aerial Topography:

How Much Surface is too Much?

Which Aerial Topo Drawing do I use?

GIS Data to build surfaces from DEMs, floodplain analysis and more:

FEMA Q3 Data and Sources (from Civil 3D Paving the Way by Scott McEachron)

The method I demonstrated in class:

Referencing Shapefiles (and other GIS data) in Autodesk Map, Civil 3D and Land Desktop (2007)

Bringing GIS information in as polylines:

Importing Shapefiles into Civil 3D using the Map Menu (download pdf)

I will be posting a series on DEMs over the next few weeks, here is more information on how to unzip them (also see the H+H Whitepaper)Unzipping DEM Files (from Civil 3D Paving the Way by Scott McEachron)

Using Civil 3D for Hydraulic and Hydrologic Tasks White Paper

Getting Started with GIS Data:

Guide to Learning Autodesk Map on Your Own

DE GIS Conference Follow Up

More Information on Integrating CAD and GIS

Penn State Distance Learning in GIS
Getting the Most Out of Raster Imagery in Civil 3D White Paper

Also see AU ONLINE to catch the Map classes you missed!

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