The Off Kilter Cul De Sac Zip Up… FIXED in SP3!

So this has been sitting here in Civil drafts for a few days now… I have witnesses!  Alas, Dan and Dave beat me to posting it. 

But that is OK.  They are due all the credit anyway for making SP3 so great. 

I’m not big on the “Hey Look What These Guys Blogged” but this time, it’s worth it.  Check out Cul-de-sac Design – SP3 Improvement  for pictures and downloads of Cul de Sacs.

I estimate this saves me at least 10 minutes per Cul de Sac on the modeling end, and another 3-5 minutes per Cul De Sac on the editing and refinement end.

My original draft (which I was waiting to post until I made myself a nice, unzipped ugly Cul de Sac) is below:

Before today, if you had a Cul De Sac that is just slightly skewed or asymmetrical, you’d need two transition alignments to model it.  If you just used one alignment that went the full circle, you’d wind up with a gap that varied from tiny to gigantic depending on how “Off Kilter” your Cul De Sac is.

HANG ON TO YOUR HAT- No longer will you have to zip this gap with a second alignment- No more will you manage two profiles- because SP3 came to the rescue.  My corridor models are now many, many baselines lighter. 

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