It’s Live!

While we’re not in the business of repeating the same stuff on the other blogs, this one is important. You want to know about Service Pack 3 for Civil 3D 2007, right? Well, it finally went live last night, and is available for download here. Download it – NOW! SP3 is INCREDIBLE – more stability, faster processing times on both corridors and Vault data references (both improved to the tune of 50 PLUS percent) However, a prudent user of the software reads what he (or she) is downloading, correct? Pay close attention to three very important facts:1) Install this if you haven’t installed any other service packs, or if you have. Doesn’t matter.

2) If you’re running Vault, please download and install Autodesk Data Management Server 5 Service Pack 1. Instructions and links are on the bottom of the page listed above.

3) This service pack will disable the Google Earth extension for Civil 3D. There is another one available for SP3. Again, instructions and links are on the bottom of the page listed above.

Have fun!

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