Getting Surface Analysis Data (and others) into Excel

A while back on Civil 3D Rocks , I had a post called If It Quacks Like a Duck  where I showed you that just about everything in Civil 3D that “looks like a spreadsheet” can be copied out to Excel using your clipboard.

So if you have a great surface analysis….

and are hoping to get the range data from your table….

(click more to see how)

You can!  Just Right Click, Copy… then paste into Excel.

Try this anytime you have a Panorama, Prospector or similar window.  It almost always works.

One comment

  1. Dana Breig Probert, EIT says:

    I just realized that doesn’t give me the areas to take out. Shoot. That stinks. But at least I get the ranges. Saves a little typing. Maybe it will get us thinking and we can figure out how to get it all out. Maybe an XML report?