Expressions: Naming and Nesting

Two things I encountered tonight:

Don’t use parentheses in your Expression Names.  It works fine for the definition, but it breaks the little formula that the Label Style Composer Makes.





Click more for more captures and the second thing I discovered….

Secondly, I don’t know if it is SP3, Good Luck, or me just having the right magic tonight, but I finally was able to nest an expression.  What I mean by this is that I created a Manning’s Velocity Expression and then I was able to call out that Velocity in my Manning’s Q Expression with no issue.  Last time I tried this, I got a parsing error and had just resigned myself to writing the formula twice.






  1. The nesting of expressions is definitely an SP3 fix. Thanks to Scott Kent for tracking that one down.

  2. JEFFYORK says:

    My custom expressions are now working but it still has some added junk to clean if you want to edit the expression.
    Example:custom expressions are MGD and AREA OF PIPE
    (MGD*({Pipe Slope}^(1/2)))/{AREA OF PIPE}
    Edit Expression and you get this:
    (7a25a01a347540e64f66afb247a81f88MGD*({Pipe Slope}^(1/2)))/{c5d6d18153374f4a90a7049062dd806dAREA OF PIPE}