Be Yourself, and be Thankful!

Since Dana stole my idea for seeding a good conversation, I’m noticing something tha bothers me a slight bit, the use of pseudonyms. The Autodesk Discussion groups are an open venue for posting and commentary, and sometimes can fall into the sort of flame wars where no one looks good, and good ideas are lost in the middle of inanity.
We encourage discourse, arguments even. God knows I love a good argument. But I’ve long been of the opinion that a real name makes you at least civil, and encourages thinking before posting, so that’s the rule here as well. Anonymous or pseudonymous posts will be rejected. A quick reminder, all first time commenters MUST be approved before the comment will show. This is our way of handling spam and trolls, thank you for understanding.

And finally, for the US readers, have a Happy Thanksgiving. With family in Lebanon, I am constantly amazed by how blessed we are here, and how easy it can be to be ungrateful for all of our daily gifts. Enjoy them!

I hope to see you next week at AU!

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