Another Intersection Sample Drawing

Intersections are a VERY popular topic, and I get a lot of requests for more help for different design scenarios.  So I’ve put together another sample drawing.

This drawing has an intersection like the one I posted before (what I would call a “blended” intersection), as well as an intersection where the crown of the main road is held.

Click more for more explanation and some screen captures of the corridors and TIN.

There are many, many different design criteria for intersections out there, and Civil 3D can adapt to all of them.  Once you build your Civil 3D intersection model properly so that all of the pieces react to each other in a meaningful way, you can work in more PVIs around the curbs for drainage, curb cuts, catch basins, etc.

My intention with these examples is not to provide a design that you can drop right into your life and your current project, but a chance to see how the model is put together so that you can adapt it to your needs.

And to my hecklers in the Lone Star State- yes- there are municipalities out there that actually do use blended intersections.  Perhaps my original sample drawing was not “designed” very well, but the model was built to accomodate refining that design.

For more information how to put together a blended intersection (and download the original drawing), what regions to setup, etc. check out Intersection and Cul de Sac with a Sample Drawing

For more information how to put together a “hold the crown” intersections, how to “cheat” and minimize the number of transition alignments you need check out Holding the Main Road Crown Intersection Shortcut


Here is the drawing Sample Intersection

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  1. Fred Mitchell says:

    I really appreciate your work. Keep it up!!