You Wanna Piece of Me? Download It.

To make them easier to find, I’ve added a link to all of the posts with Downloads under the Of Note section at right. We’re in the process of modifying download links so that they’re only visible to registered members. You’ll be able to see and read posts, but the links will at least be sort of hidden. This is a minor change from the current format where posts were invisible, I hope you’ll find it easier to use.

Also, we’ve got our first contributor masthead image rolling through, but I’m looking for more. Show us what you’re doing with C3D!

And thank goodness Dana’s back, the rest of us have been slacking in our post frequency! That should step up soon, I see a ton of drafts in the pipeline….

One comment

  1. jpostlewait says:

    It’s about time I go beat on Harland for our contribution.

    John P.