Suddenly, It’s Warm Again

Well, ICE is over – successfully, I might add (so no shame from Anthony’s blog…) Manchester was beautiful, but a bit chilly for my Alabama blood. This was my first time in Manchester, and I’m really impressed. It’s quite beautiful–but then again, I haven’t been here with a lot of snow on the ground yet.
Many of you have heard myself and others talk about ICE. But you may be asking, “Why are they talking about that cold stuff that he likes in his Scotch?” Well, faithful readers, like everything else we do in the acronym-laden world of Autodesk software, ICE stands for something – Implementation Certified Expert. What’s that all about?

ICE Logo

This logo signifies that I have attended training provided by Autodesk to the reseller channel to prepare me to implement Civil 3D 2007 software. It provides me with specific tools to help ensure that your implementation is a successful one. It doesn’t just throw an installation of Civil 3D on your computer, give you very basic training, and then a cheesy set of styles and say “Go for it!”–it’s much more involved than that. We can work with your company to assess you and your workflows, develop a plan that is specific to your company, and present a solution that is custom to you, not some cookie-cutter plan that someone tells you “This worked for XYZ Engineering, so I’m sure it will work for you.”

So, if you’ve been receiving Civil 3D on subscription for many years, but it’s just sitting on a shelf in your office and you’d like to see what your investment can do for you, contact the team. We’d be more than happy to begin the steps to a successful implementation for you and your company.

Now, it’s time to take a nap – what was I thinking booking a 6 AM flight out of Manchester?

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  1. Murph says:

    “what was I thinking booking a 6 AM flight out of Manchester? ”
    My thoughts exactly while to you think I booked my for a later time?