Some MH Styles

I feel bad about being out of the newsgroups for the past couple of weeks, but this is the first Monday in almost a month that I’ve been home. In penance, a quick couple of styles to help out those of you dealing with MHs and symbology.

There are two styles, Circle and Hexagon under the Structure label styles. The labels use the Name and Structures description to populate the text. The hexagon style uses a block with a wipeout, while the circle uses a border. Just a couple of different ways to use the software.

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Hope this helps!


  1. Dana Breig Probert, EIT says:

    Hey Cool!

    Beth and I did a whole warehouse of similar manhole and catch basin styles and label styles to follow the DelDOT standard this winter.

    They worked out really nicely- the number just fills in from the name template or your manual edits in prospector.

    If anyone out there needs DelDOT (or similar DOT) standards, I can deliver.

  2. fairhilleng says:

    I’m logged in and clicked “download”. A message noted that files could not be found. Can you help me find them?

  3. JohnF261 says:

    I tried downloading and got a screen full of volo view icons tiled! This has happened to me before. James suggested, and it worked, to pick the file and save as. But since I can’t see the file yet, I can’t. Any suggestions?