ICE In Manchester

This morning, I’m in the Moose Training Lab in Manchester, NH…I’ve seen Dan Philbrick so far this morning, and am looking around for other somewhat familiar faces. A few observations so far – it’s cold in NH, especially for an Alabama resident, and people up here drive funny. Oh, and I’m not sure the sun exists here since I haven’t seen it yet.

I’ll be looking for Nick as he wanders around with that “first day” blank stare on his face.

Check below for revisions as the day goes by…

Rev. 1 – SQL Express 2005 will not install if the original MSDE engine was corrupted upon install.

Rev. 2 – SQL finally upgraded and running OK. Took a bit of manipulating (possibly due to the original hosed install), but it finally works. Here’s a hint for anyone that doesn’t know – the Autodesk packaged SQL 2005 Express installer works much easier than downloading it directly and installing from Microsoft. This is one thing that Autodesk did right, especially for your average installer. The problem is that the Autodesk upgrade to SQL Express 2005 is not included on the Civil 3D install disk with the other Vault installation goodies. I got mine from a full Vault 5.0 ISO that I downloaded from ADN – if anyone is interested in it, email me and I’ll see what I can do to get it for you.

Rev. 3 – Working on Civil 3D PSO this afternoon. I finally located Nick, and he should be able to do dinner with us tonight. We’re about to go in and load our customer for the presentations that Kevin warned me about 😉

Rev. 4 – Well….the day is done. Those of us who didn’t bail early (ok, three of us….we were done, but still hanging around chatting) got to visit with Da Govna, Dave (of the Dave and Dan Show fame), and Peter Funk. It was a very nice chat…and now we’re back at the hotel, waiting to go to dinner (mmm, Italian)…

Rev. 5 – NOW the day is done.   After some of the most incredible seafood lasagna I’ve ever had…wow, and some great cheesecake, and beer….don’t forget the beer, I was so full that I couldn’t walk.    So, that’s exactly what I did – Nick hopped a ride with us and we dropped the car off at the hotel and walked to the nearest bar.    So loud I couldn’t hear myself think, but the beer was cold – well, except for Nick’s last one.    A nice brisk walk back to the hotel (did I mention that it’s cold here???) and I’m ready for bed….


  1. Kevin Spear says:

    Sorry, you missed the warm weather to go with the beautiful scenery we had last week. The class was good, but went very quickly.

    Enjoy you presentation tomorrow afternoon!


  2. Jason Hickey says:

    Kevin –

    The weather is one of the worst parts of this week. Cold, rain, no fun. We took a drive up to North Sandwich yesterday near the National Forest…beautiful scenery.

  3. mkolberg says:

    Too bad about the weather. it was very nice in San Rafael a few weeks ago 🙂

    Say hi to Nick for me.

    Matt K