Engineered Efficiency turns Five! Thanks!!

Five years ago today, Scacco Consulting, Inc. opened for business in the unused half of the basement at my old house. A lot has changed since then: Today the company is now called Engineered Efficiency; two partners have joined the company (James and Marc Meyers); and we have several awesome consultants on the team, including Dana and Nick. No longer am I “trapped” in the dingy basement with the spiders and centipedes. We have an office/training facility in Itasca (outside Chicago) and a branch office in Dallas. We have a mobile training lab that we can ship anywhere its needed. And we have a network of some of the best cad/design consultants on the planet.

A lot has also stayed the same. We’re still dedicated to the community of design professionals, contractors, and GIS professionals who use these advanced applications everyday. We still work with you and whatever software application you own to get more work done in a more efficient manner. We still use the software ourselves on a regular basis and we still like to spread the knowledge! This blog is a great example of the dedication by the regular contributors to helping end-users keep moving forward.

A little know fact: 80% of all companies shutter their doors before their 5th anniversary (including some of our “competitors”). We’re grateful and thankful to everyone who has helped us get where we are today. We’re lucky to be part of such a great community. We’re looking forward to making the next 5 years even better than the first.

Thanks to you all,

Mark Scacco, PE

President and Founder

Engineered Efficiency, Inc.


  1. Angel Espinoza says:

    Congratulations Mark! This is a momentous event. You have a right to be very proud of what you have built, and for what your group does for the industry. I am glad to know all of you and for all of our past interaction.

    Continued success.

    Angel Espinoza

  2. Congrats Mark.

    Your firm has delivered for me, my Team and my Firm.

    Guess that is what you look for when looking for help.

    Thanks to you and all your Organization.

    John Postlewait
    IS Department
    George Butler Associates, Inc.

  3. MAnderson says:

    A Job Well Done! Look forward to many more years.

    Matthew Anderson

  4. Thanks for these kind comments and to the many of you who sent me emails! -Mark