Engineered Efficiency HEC-RAS Tools Released

Engineered Efficiency Inc. is pleased to release our HEC-RAS Import/Export toolset for Autodesk Civil 3D 2007, an inexpensive tool that pays for itself in one use and is a must-have for HEC-RAS users running Autodesk LDT or Civil 3D as their CAD platform.

Using the EE tools, native Civil 3D Surface and Alignment information can be used inhexport.png conjunction with drawn section and channel bank lines to generate a input file for direct, rectified input to the USACE HEC-RAS program. This tool cuts the typical time for this process from hours or even days to mere minutes.

After analysis is complete and a HEC-RAS output file generated, all stream profiles can then be directly imported back into the original drawing, for use in floodplain mapping, FIS preparation, or other analysis. Again, this reduces a tedious time-consuming process to minutes. Using EE’s toolset with the built-in Civil3D tools, floodplain mapping can be accomplished in an afternoon.

Reducing days to minutes, this program pays for itself in one use. Firms using LDT will find benefit to importing their TIN files from LDT to Civil 3D merely to generate the multitude of tedious cross sections that are required for HEC-RAS Analysis and creating water surface profiles.

To download a 14-day trial version visit Complete installation and usage instructions are included, including a batch file to place the tool in your Civil 3D Toolbox for easier use.


Developed by Engineers for Engineers, Engineered Efficiency’s HEC-RAS toolset is designed to accept and validate data entered in a myriad of ways. Error checking is included for reversed sections, non-crossing sections, and other input errors that don’t cause problem for your CAD environment but would cause problems in your hydraulic model. And using native information means you get the power of Civil 3D’s advanced reactive surface modeling, profiling and labeling capabilities to present your results as quickly and accurately as possible

Purchase entitles the user to one-year of e-mail support and upgrades, and can be handled through Credit Cards, or Check. Send an e-mail to with your License Code to begin the process!

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