Disappearing Pipes?

Have you ever had the feeling that gremlins have been in your drawings?pipes4.png

One minute you have a pipe drawn in profile, and the next it is gone?

If you have done much work with pipes, you know that “PLAN CALLS THE SHOTS”

Meaning that pipe networks are draw in plan, and erasing them from plan deletes them from your network.

You may have noticed that erasing them from profile DOES NOT erase them from your network, just from profile view.

But you may not have noticed that it erases that pipe from ALL PROFILE VIEWS.  So if you have your pipe shown as profile in one profile view, and crossing in another and you erase it from either profile view- you lose it everywhere.

Here is a pipe in crossing- SD-06


Here is the same pipe in a profile view- SD-96


If I decide I don’t need that crossing shown, and I use AutoCAD Erase to get rid of the crossing… and it will disappear in EVERY PROFILE VIEW- no matter what it looks like.


Instead, pick on your profile view, right click and choose “Profile View Properties”.  Toggle the check box if you want to see the pipe, or uncheck if you want to erase it from that view only.



If I had accidentially erased, I can get it back by toggling the button.  But I will have to relabel it.  Gremlins- begone!





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