Cracking the Vault: The Files

So last time I talked about where we were headed,project.png now lets look at the pieces to get there a bit. This entry will outline a file structure of sorts. My Project name is Carson Park, the job number will be MMW001.

The Design Files are all designated with an X in front. These sheets will be Xrefed and Data Referenced (Drefed) via Vault as appropriate. This nomenclature would typically carry a job number in the middle, but for ease of listing and because I don’t feel like typing it over and over, I’ll omit it here.

  • XBS: Base design file containing existing conditions linework
  • XPT: Plat information
  • XTO: Existing ground topo/surfaces
  • XGR: Proposed Grading
  • XPV: Proposed Paving
  • XWS: Proposed Water and Sewer
  • XST: Proposed Storm

The Sheet Files will not carry a prefix, but will include the job number as above.

  • CVR: Project Cover Sheet
  • PPT: Preliminary Platfolders.png
  • DTL: Detail Sheets These won’t matter much, but will show in the Sheet Set we’ll eventually build.
  • GR: Grading Plans
  • PV: Paving
  • DAM: Drainage Area & Storm Calcs
  • STM: Storm P&P
  • WSS: Water and Sanitary Sewer P&P This is typically done as plans, then full page grids for my purposes.
  • ER: Erosion Control
  • TL: Traffic and Lighting

As you prepare sheets, it’s important to be flexible in your approach, don’t get locked into one drawing equals one sheet, or one drawing equals every sheet. There’s a balance here that is important. Civil3D, and to some extent Autocad in general gets bogged down with more tabs. Remember that understanding the process gives you the strength to be flexible and adapt to the situation instead of being locked into a one-size fits all answer.
Next time, I’ll look at how to get started with your design and where I’m placing design and construction information in these drawings.

And note Mr. Mayo, I have three folders setup in my Vault project. These are reflected in my working folder if I go look via Windows Explorer.

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    I’m patiently waiting for your next Vault post.