Take My Style Please Part 2

This one came up again today for me so I thought I might share. It has been discussed a couple of times on the groups awhile ago. Those of you who are looking to have your station character fall on the alignment and have the text perpendicular to the alignment like LDT used to do here is a style to get you started. As James said in his styles post I think I build this one everytime I teach a class as well.

Login to get the dwg here.

Update: I have been informed Dana did a how to on this, so if you would like more than just the end result, check here.


  1. Informed? Smacked upside the head morelike. Just shows what Loyal Civil 3D Rocks readers y’all were. Sheesh.

  2. Jason Hickey says:

    Good thing is that I don’t have to build this one for every class since I just farmed it out whilst I was teaching 😉

    Thanks again, Nick. By the time I ping’d you yesterday I was ready to throw my laptop out the window…