Sometimes the Rumors are True

If you’ve paid attention, Dan and Dave have been hinting that Vault wouldn’t be the only girl at the dance for long. Dan just posted his first blog entry, and it looks like we’ll have options soon.

In my opinion, this changes everything. Those of you with Vault that weren’t happy, can change. If you’ve been holding off on implementation because of Vault, wait no more. I spoke to one of the Cadalyst writers this past week about the Civil 3D adoption rate, and Vault was one of the big reasons that I think people held back.

Hold no more!

If you aren’t asking your firm, “Why aren’t we doing this?” where will you be when your firm asks, “Why didn’t we do this?”

I know which side of the table I’d rather be on.



    John Postlewait
    IS Department
    George Butler Associates, Inc.

  2. JohnF261 says:

    Hooray! I guess Manchester does listen to us. If it’s true I may actually be able to use it. Now to find a great implementor….hmmmm