Profile Structure Labels the Sequel

So it is friday nite, I have managed to get an early start on the cold and flu season. So I am at home resting, so blog I will. Last time we looked at attaching our labels to the bottom top and middle of our structures. That gets us part of the way there, but many of you want some other options, like having the labels all stretch to a fixed elevation.

So these options require going into the feature settings for your network and also some label style adjustments. First of all lets take a look at the Feature settings.

So here we have the option to choose a Dimension Anchor option for structure. Now what is a dimension anchor option you ask? Well that will become clearer when we start looking at the label style options. But hang with me for now. One of our visitors asked about setting all the structure labels to a fixed elevation so I am going to use that example here. I will set the option to fixed, and then enter my desired elevation of 120′ in the Dimension Anchor Elevation for Structures.
Network Feature Settings

Now hopefully the rest of the settings in here are fairly self explanatory, Top or Bottom of Graph view. If you select above or below then Civil 3D will check the Dimension Anchor Plot Height Value to see how far above or below the structure you would like your Dimension Anchor Point.

The label Style is our next stop.

In my style you can see I have a line component(The vertical line you see in my label. Starting at the Label location(In this case the top of the structure) and running to the Structure Dimension(In my example 120′ in elevation) Any of the components in a structure label can be setup to attach like this, in my case I have the line drawn and then attach text to the middle of the line.
Line Component

So how does it all work? Well lets take a look at the end result.
You can see in the image that all of my label lines stretch up to 120′ in elevation and the label text is centered on those lines. If you wanted your text all at a uniform location set the attachment point to the end of the line and then use an offset distance. Hopefully I have given you some ideas, now lets see some creativity used and start populating the styles section of the Community Site.

PS. I switched out the google calendar for something that matches our colour scheme and keeps us contained within our blog, seems to help the page load a little quicker. I also got the email this post feature working, if you see an article you think is of use to someone you know you can click the envelope, fill in the appropriate details and and email with the post information will be sent to them.

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