Profile Pipe Label Controls

Ok so I havent posted much lately. But I was a little occupied hanging all the fancy new wallpaper on this joint. Anyways on with the show. I have answered some questions in the NG lately on how to control where a structure label gets placed. So I thought I might explain a little more in depth the features available here and provide some examples.

So the first thing I want to point out is we have control over where we attach our structure labels. The choices are:

1. Middle(Default)

2. Top of Structure

3. Bottom of Structure

See the image below(Or click on it for a popup larger version) These settings are located in feature settings for Pipe Networks. Now structures have the ability to be labeled more than once, so if you would like to label the tops and bottoms of your structure create two sets of styles and label twice. Just be sure to change the feature settings each time(Unfortunatly we can’t tell a particular label where to attach ahead of time).

Structure Label Placement

So when you apply labels they will attach to the top of the structure.  I have attached a screen shot, and it shows the labels at the top of my structure.  It also shows something that I will delve into in my next post.  You will note that my label is not in dragged state but I have the ability to adjut the height of my leader line.   Next time we will look at that.

  Top Labels



  1. fairhilleng says:

    Thank you! I really could have used this yesterday. (How do you find these things???) I was attempting moving a label to the top of the structure from the default center and experienced a crash with dragged state. I also dragged the anchor point and used y offset in structure label style composer-layout-text with some success.

    How can you set labels at the same elevation accross the top or bottom horizontal axis?

    Is there a way to restart stations for each pipe run without settting up many short alignments-manhole to manhole? ie. station 0+00 at the pipe end station 4+00 at the upstream pipe end then restart at station 0+00 to the next structure.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Nick Zeeben says:

    If you take a look at my recent post it should help with the labels at a fixed elevation.