Pipe Networks for Water Part I (and 1/2)

Just say no to null structures.  Make yourself a “null” structure from a simple part.

After working with my pal SLL (a fellow in the small sisterhood that married into a name that ends in “BERT”) and seeing the crazy stuff that null structures can do to a drawing– I have come up with a new system for helping your water system to behave.

Add a simple cylinder part to your water parts catalog and apply a style that is a no show that omits masking (as in my previous post) keeps things locked down- no weirdness, micropipes or glitchy stuff that comes with null structure roulette.

I leave mine visible while I design, then freeze them.  This helps me see where joints are so I can add more later.  Apply the same style technique that I mentioned in Water Networks Part I


Next post- profiles.



  1. hddixon3 says:

    I posted some comments on your Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/civil3diva/247981066/. Then I read your blog entry here. You’re way ahead of me 🙂 Looking forward to reading your Parts II and III.

  2. Murdock says:

    what’s the status on part II and beyond. I’m dying out here.

  3. Dana Breig Probert, EIT says:

    i’ll do them this weekend. sorry for the delay!