Now for the Important Stuff

Enough blog updates and personnel changes. Time for some really important business.

Golf at AU.

For the 6th year in a row, (but only the 2nd Official) there will be a gaggle of folks playing a PreAU round of golf. This is a great chance for you to come meet most of the EE/ team, some ‘deskers from Manchester, Matt Stachoni the Hardware wonk, and a whole host of other great folks.legacygc.jpg

That, and it’s the last chance you’ll get for any real sunshine before plunging into the rabbithole of casino life that is AU in Vegas.

So, here’s the details:

  • Legacy Golf Course
  • 12:30 Tee Off on Monday, November 27th
  • $125 includes green and cart, hot dog at the turn, and commemorative shirt.
  • Club Rentals are available for $50. Calloways, etc. Better than yours probably.
  • Any extra fees will apply to the 19th Hole!
  • Reservations required, so we will have to collect deposits.

Drop me a personal e-mail on this one, Please be sure to include AU Golf in the subject.
Players so far:

  • James Wedding, EE
  • Nick Zeeben, EE
  • Mark Scacco, EE
  • Dana Probert, EE
  • Marc Meyers, EE
  • Ray Gorman, CBS
  • Matt Stachoni, BHH Tait Interiors
  • Anthony ‘da Govna’ Governanti, Autodesk
  • Adam Strafaci, Autodesk
  • Dan Philbrick, Autodesk
  • Rad Lazic, Intellecs
  • Chuck Lamping, Jones & Boyd, Inc.
  • Bill Farley, Carter & Burgess
  • Jim Harcus
  • Steve Boon, McElhanney Consulting Services, Ltd.
  • Randy LaRance +1, Morrison-Maierle, Inc.

Seventeen players so far! And we’ll keep working this week to make a few more. 20 makes the numbers work best. I’ll be working deposits through paypal, so if you don’t have an account, please get one! Thanks.
To answer a question, YES, you can be terrible. We’ll play some sort of modified scramble format that will let the duffers have fun while letting the monsters do their thing. Different groups, different rules? Who knows?!? You must be present to win!


  1. RayG says:

    … and may include other goodies as well. How else will I clean out my ‘golf junk drawer’?

  2. Murph says:

    You need someone to drive the beer cart?

  3. RayG says:

    And fellas, those that are playing might want to remember to bring your own golfballs and gloves. Not sure how many balls they give you as part of the rental package, but if you need more, they will be $$$$!

  4. Dana Breig Probert, EIT says:

    Um, dude. Don’t forget the Civil3Diva

    I hear she is a scratch golfer and she’s willing to let Zeeben play from the Ladies Tees.

  5. hddixon3 says:

    I’ll like to play but I won’t be flying in until Tuesday. Looks like a fun course though. Have fun!

    Dave Dixon