Membership has its Privileges

With the conversion to WordPress compete, you’ve surely noticed some changes around the place. Time for a few more.

Starting soon, we’ll be putting our downloadable content inside a members area, with a category of Downloads available at right. If you’re not signed in to, you won’t even see these posts! Registration is free, and we don’t sell our list. We need to see what is being downloaded to manage content, and provide more content for the items that are most popular.  We’ll continue to work with the Autodesk Civil Community to provide material, but you’ll always get the newest stuff here first.

I’ve also added a “Of Note” section to the right for ongoing and semi-permanent links. These will be items that are in flux, or are worthy of special consideration. This will be the area to find the third-party tools we think are great, more about the team, where to join us for AU golf etc. I hope you’ll find it useful. Let me know if you have a link you’d like considered.

Finally, we’re now running a contest of sorts. Nick has been kind enough to insert some code that lets us randomly select an image for the header at the top. Right now, that small but growing collection is from our own work, but we’d like to feature your work too! Images should be dark on the right hand side to allow the title to show clearly, should show how you’re using Civil 3D in your environment, and should be 150×900 pixels. If we select your image, we’ll put your name and firm’s name on it to show the world how dang cool you are, then throw it in the hopper. With averaging a thousand loads a day, that could be some great exposure for you and your firm. Click here to send in your entries.

Thanks as always for visiting, and please let us know how we’re doing! We look forward to your comments and continuing to be your leading independent source of Civil3D information.

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