Da Govna Speaks

If only because I like his fiery temper and passion in his subject, I wanted to give Anthony Governanti’s new blog on the Civil Community a little love. We’ve been known to go rounds over C3D, civil software in general, or whatever other hot subject is up, and I always appreciate his insight and point of view. I’ll be adding his link on the Good Stuff section shortly, but here’s a bit of this week’s post to wet your appetite for more Wicked Cool Stuff:

Ok, you’ve heard some rumblings on the newsgroups; talked to some
colleagues at a user group meeting, or may have even tried to use the software
in your spare time (hmmm, that’s a new concept huh? spare time I wonder what its
like, I should try to explore it sometime) and you’ve heard the marketing speak;
dynamic modeling, instant updates, 90% time saving, etc, etc, etc. Well I’m here
to give you a little history, a little background, and maybe even some insight
into what this thing is, and why it might be worth your time to take a look at
it, at least before the rest of the world around you has already standardized on


Go check him out, along with the rest of the Civil Community. Start building your network of peers and resources today! I will guarantee you’ll find something new, thought-provoking, or just cool on the site weekly. See you there!

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