Corridor Daze

I think I have finally beaten the corridor monster to death.

Here is the larger of the two projects I am working on, I finally have a complete corridor that matches the project manager’s design intentions.

52 Baselines in one Corridor. It was an experiment that had me doubting at one point until i figured out where my drawing hangups were coming from (see yesterday’s post about performance). I would do it again. I will comment on the pros and cons some other time.

Now I have to finish the pipes for this beast.


  1. mark premo says:

    Dana, impressive! Was this done on C3D 2007? And, how were you able to get the intersections so clean?

  2. Dana Breig Probert, EIT says:

    Yes, I did this in Civil 3D 2007 SP1A and finished in Civil 3D 2007 SP2

    Getting the intersections clean just took practice and patience, and a few tricks. My favorite tool in my toolbox is my reference text labels. Check out Civil 3D rocks post from a few weeks ago about that.

    Now, I can do them in my sleep. They came back with CL revisions the other day and I was able to snap them out in no time flat. Awesome.