Converting SurvCADD (or Eaglepoint) Points to Civil 3D

So you get your data from the outside surveyor.

And the drawing contains points. But they are not softesk points, nor LDT points, nor Civil 3D points.

Perhaps they are SurvCADD or EaglePoint.

Can you use them?

Yes. It is pretty easy actually. These points are essentially special attributed blocks and we can use one of my favorite (but often neglected) AutoCAD tools- Attribute extraction- to generate a text file that we can bring back into Civil 3D.

Attribute Extraction is a really neat tool that counts blocks and reports on their attributes. It is a standard AutoCAD feature and can be used in anything built on AutoCAD such as Map, Civil 3D, Land Desktop, Arch Desktop, etc. 2007 and 2007. Maybe lower versions, too, in slightly different form.

Therefore, this procedure also works for converting SurvCADD or EaglePoint points to Land Desktop Points.

This whole process takes about 5 mins the first time as you get your bearings and about 1 minute next time you do it. It is worth the effort even if you don’t “need” the points.

First you need your tools menu. This is an AutoCAD menu, so you have to go into the CUI and add the tools menu to your workspace.

Then you go under Tools>Attribute Extraction

Go through the wizard, noting that you can save this “template” that will extract the data you need.

I am just going to tell it to search my whole drawing for eligible blocks.

I noted the name of those special point blocks, so I am going to uncheck the other blocks it found.

You need to grab the elements of PNEZD from a combination of Attributes and regular properties (like X and Y position)

Arrange this box to the right order and eliminate what you don’t want to wind up in your file.

Make yourself a txt or csv

Save this template for future use.

Open the file to check it out.

Points>Create Points

Real live Civil 3D points from SurvCADD point blocks.


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