CADTalent – A Review

Tonight, I’m going to make a plug for something that may interest some of you. A new website, strictly for CAD users (of ALL “CAD” persuasions) looking for employment and employers looking for CAD Talent.

How is CAD Talent different from employment sites like and others? Simply put, CAD Talent is one-stop shopping for people looking for employment in a CAD industry. CAD Talent scours all the most popular job-search sites and reports to you only relevant jobs. You pick the geographical area and the software of choice, and you’ll get results only for jobs fitting that criteria. You also have the option to create a resume that can be stored on the site for review by prospective employers.

But what if you’re an employer looking to hire CAD Talent? There’s a section for you, too! Here, employers can search resumes in their area for the software that they use. You can also post jobs and perform pre-employment tasks such as background checks. CAD Talent also hosts salary surveys and performs personality tests. As an added benefit to small to medium sized business, they also offer PEO Services.

What’s the best thing about CAD Talent? The fact that it’s FREE for job searchers! Of course, there will be a charge for professional services such as background checks and personality testing, but posting and searching jobs is free. I know everyone loves that word, so I’ll repeat it – FREE!

Have fun!

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