A Civil 3D Portfolio

I was messing around on the Civil 3D Community Site and noticed there was a spot for a portfolio. It seemed like a good idea, so I collected a bunch of screen shots from some projects that I have personally worked on over the past 8 or so months.

I know it is sometimes helpful to see what others are doing successfully in Civil 3D to get ideas for you own work.

And it gives you a chance to learn a little bit about what I can do so that if you would like Engineered Efficiency to provide you with some Civil 3D Implementation support, you know where I am coming from.

My portfolio can be found in my flickr album.

Project 1 165 Lots: Parceling and Site Plan Design

Project 2 120 Lots: Parceling, Site Planning, Preliminary Design

Project 3 215 Lots:Mix Single Family and Townhomes

Project 4 Small Site Plan

Project 5 41 Lots:Site Plan, Preliminary Design

Project 6 75 Lots, 140 lots:Two sites adjacent- Road and Pipe Design

Go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/civil3diva/ and Navigate through 5 Sample Projects on the right hand side of the screen.

And thanks Nick, James, Mark and Marc for the warm welcome to EE. I am excited to work with such a great group of people. It is a rare thing to find folks that can put their heads together like we do. The knowledge we have gained from each other just over the past few months as mere acquaintances has amazed me. I cannot imagine what great things the future will bring now that we officially work together.

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  1. Jeff_M says:

    Thanks for sharing these pics, Dana! Especially the Road Monster’s Corridor editor pic. It made me realize I was going about my subdivision all wrong, but it now mimics what you have shown.