The only Civil 3D setting that isn’t stored in your template

Ok, so I exaggerated a bit. For those of you who aren’t News Group nerds like myself, we were having a discussion about custom pipe and structures and how to share those amongst our organizations. Having played the CAD management game a time or two I prefer to put as much of my standards in a single network location as possible. The less often I am copying things to all the stations or writing batch files the better. So my suggestion for sharing the Pipes and Structures was to place the catalogs on a network location. John then popped his head out of his gopher hole and asked why he couldn’t find the setting anywhere to do what I had suggested. The answer is because it is the only setting that isn’t controlled by the template you began your drawing with(there are probably others but that ruins the drama of this post). Instead it is found in the Pipes menu, the command is called Set Pipe Network Catalog… I’ve attached a screen shot for reference. But lunch is over now, so I have to get back to work before the boss checks in.

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  1. Thanks Nick.
    I’ll be able to find this here.
    And it’s not a gopher hole, I prefer, Safe Haven.