Thanks, Matt!

Matt Kolberg from GCS Corp. in Vancouver was kind enough to post a small DVB file today that will push your structure rims to the reference surface if that surface has changed since the original placement. With his permission, I’ve reposted it here.

Here’s his disclaimer, but I think it works pretty well in my quick testing. From Matt’s newsgroup post:

Run the routine, then it asks to do an entire network, or to select certain
structures. It then resizes structures based on this selection.

***DISCLAIMER***This file is provided as freeware, it is
BETA software and will always beso. I have tested it only on one computer
and one OS, capishe? I am not aprofessional software developer and as
such, the code may not look pretty,or have all of the error checking it
should. In fact, I really don’t care.It does what I want right now and
that’s all that matters in my office.I accept no responsibility if this routine
FUBAR’s your drawing, though I really hope it doesn’t, and I don’t expect it

Thank you again, Mr. Kolberg.
Updated at 9:10 CDT based on an e-mail from Matt. The download is the latest version.-JW


  1. Nick Zeeben says:

    I made some quick changes to Matt routine. You can pick a part as soon as you launch the command and it defaults to selecting the entire network. Press S and hit enter to select individual structures. I have also added a progress bar so you know if you need to go grab a coffee or not.

  2. oh, baby. this is by far the best christmas present i have had this year. i just used it- took about a half a second to fix my storm network. no drawbacks i can see so far… but i have many many networks to do this weekend and i will be running it hard. i shall keep you posted.

  3. Matt Kolberg says:

    I’m blushing now. Glad to be of service.

  4. As an end user of this site, I’m kinda pumped that all you guys are working in one place.
    Dana’s post was required reading for my pilot project team.
    I’m kinda liking the one stop shopping method of C3D Blogging.
    I’m sure you guys will learn of James’s adventures in my shop, but I’m liking what I see so for of combining efforts.
    You guys have no idea what a resource you are.
    Might I suggest subscription.
    Brings about a whole other can of worms, but I could cost justify a number to my company.
    Maybe even more than 1 digit.

  5. Matt Kolberg says:

    I noticed a bug where the routine fails if I use the Entire Network option and select a part from a network that WAS NOT the first one created. I have emailed the routine to James. Hopefully he will replace the download.


  6. Mitch says:

    These changes you’ve made… can we download a new DVB file somewhere to get the updates?

    – Mitch

  7. Nick Zeeben says:

    Mitch the updates are in the file included here.